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The Center, in cooperation with the NCJW Women and Gender Studies Program and the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, is founding a new program in Markets, Ethics and Gender. The program will be coordinated by Prof. Daphna Hacker, Dr. Tamar Kricheli-Katz, and Prof. Hadas Mandel.

In this framework, questions of current gender (in)equalities within different markets will be explored through a theoretical and empirical, multi-disciplinary, lens. Among the questions to be explored are: How do the labor, product, reproduction, housing, and financial markets promote gender equalities, and how do they reproduce and maintain gender inequalities? What are the similarities and differences in the gendered operation of these different market systems? In what ways does gender inequality within markets correlate with other forms of inequality, such as class, ethnic or racial inequalities? How can the law and other social institutions reduce gender inequality and bring about holistic social gender equality (including for women, men and queers)? With respect to gender, is ‘equality’ the only relevant concept for an ethical market, or are concepts such as care, fairness and inclusion, crucial contributions? And what additional theories and empirical methodologies should be developed to further our understating of markets so they become ethical for all genders or contribute to a world without gender?

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